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Recently, I was a guest on the Breakthrough podcast. I left the conversation grateful for the many professional and personal experiences I have had (both good and bad!), the incredible people I have met, and the opportunity to reflect on what I've learned through it all.

It also made me remember (once again) what a gift it is to reflect. When I am pulled in so many different directions, and facing busy day-to-day activities, I often don't give myself enough time to pause and think about what I'm learning. But, with just a few thoughtful questions - and some delicious quiet time - reflection can be easy to access.

And so I invite you to do the same. Here are a few prompts to get you started. You can write these responses and keep them to yourself, or you can share with a trusted friend or partner.

First, start by making your BOO-YAH List! Think of all the things you have done, been or experienced. What are you most proud of? When did you overcome adversity? When did you impact someone (or something) for the better? This exercise, adapted from Debbie Ford's work, is often best done by dividing your life into decades. Next to each decade, list the top 10 things that come to mind.

Next, think about the gifts you have gained from each experience. Often, when we are in the hard moments of life, it can be very challenging to see these things as gifts. But, with time and distance, it can be easier to gain perspective. It may be helpful to use the framework shared by Shirzad Chamine in Positive Intelligence.

  • Gift of Knowledge. What knowledge did you gain through these experiences?

  • Gift of Power. What powers or skills did you grow by handling these experiences?

  • Gift of Inspiration. What actions were inspired by these experiences? What came about that would not have happened without this experience?

And finally, with these gifts in mind, reflect on how they are being used. How well are you using these gifts today? How might you use them even more? Who could benefit from your unique gifts? How might you continue to seek opportunities to share and develop your gifts even further?

I hope you enjoy this exercise! I know I have. And... if you're interested in hearing my own breakthroughs - and the gifts I've received from them - here is the Breakthrough Podcast interview. Many thanks to Alison Dean Frost and TheoremOne for giving me this opportunity to reflect and share.

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