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Creating positive ripples

Ripple effect /ˈripəl əˌfekt/ noun

the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.


Splash.  The pebble is launched into the water, and the ripple of its impact can be seen… first, in the surrounding area closest to it.. and then, over time, radiating outward to reach new and unknown surfaces.


Like the pebble, I believe we all have the opportunity to be “positive ripples,” bringing our conscious and whole selves to positively impact the organizations, communities, gatherings and families we are part of.


Through our work together, I will help you unlock your unique gifts and vision; understand your strengths and areas of growth; make choices that are aligned with your values; and create steps that move you toward the life you were meant to live… creating that positive ripple in the world around you.


Let’s make a splash.

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