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What I Believe

I believe that the way you move through the world matters.


Each moment, each interaction, each day is an opportunity to create positive change - in yourself, and in those around you.


When you know yourself - your unique genius and your messy areas of growth - you have the opportunity to more fully show up for others.


By articulating your vision, you have the capacity to make choices that align with your values, and move you closer to your true purpose.


Now more than ever, we need conscious leaders who foster inclusivity, brave conversations, curiosity, collaboration, trust, connection and appreciation.  And while that kind of leadership is not always easy, I believe it is the only way to move forward.  Now more than ever, our world needs you.

My Story

From an early age, I have been fascinated by people - and the way they interact in organizations, communities, and relationships.  This passion led me to study both Economics and Psychology, ultimately earning my Masters in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.   Over the last twenty years, I led teams for a top-tier consulting firm (Bain & Company), an entrepreneurial start-up (, a Fortune 500 corporation (Princess Cruises), and an innovative non-profit organization (Camp Kesem).


My inspiration to create my own coaching business was fueled by two influences in my life, which helped define the impact I wanted to have.


The first was tragic.  My younger sister, Susan, died of colon cancer at age 35.  Her death left an enormous void in my life that I feel every single day.  As I grieved, I became acutely aware that the only thing I could control - especially in a situation that seemed so out of control - was how I responded.  Susan was grateful for the gift of each day, and lived every day to its fullest.  And I made a conscious choice to make the most out of every moment, and seek to have a positive impact on those around me.  I’ll be honest - I don’t always deliver on this.  But it is my guiding principle.


The second force occurred while leading Camp Kesem.  I witnessed our college-aged volunteers, most of whom had experienced tremendous personal loss as children, choose to help others just like them.  And that shift - choosing to do good - was profound.  Not only did their actions provide critical support for the children we served, but their energy lifted up their peers, their communities, and themselves.  And it was contagious.  This positive energy led the organization to grow from serving 1,200 to over 10,000 children.  I often wondered… what would the world look like if more organizations led with authenticity, empathy and a joyful call to serve those around them?


I am convinced that our world needs conscious leaders who are open to listening, learning, and growth.  I am committed to helping all individuals elevate their voices and presence, so that the world benefits from a more inclusive and expansive set of perspectives, skills and collaboration.


I am a passionate champion of others, and I enjoy connecting, laughing, and celebrating the victories (both big and small) we have every day.  I read personal growth books for fun, and my favorite hobby is taking long walks… preferably while listening to thought-provoking podcasts.  I am anchored in awe and wonder for this incredible universe (for me, I access that through my relationship with God), and I humbly attempt to bring grace, gratitude and integrity to anyone I am lucky enough to cross paths with.


Above all, I am a devoted partner to my husband, an enthusiastic (often overly so) mom to three children, and our dog’s favorite hiking companion.  And I am deeply grateful for my family and dear friends, who have supported and encouraged me at every step of my journey.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), which is recognized as the most rigorous and respected coach training and certification in the industry.  I am also certified in both the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)™ and the Hogan Assessments.


Find my LinkedIn profile here

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