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1:1 Coaching Partnership

I want to help you unlock your full potential.  Live a deeply fulfilling life.  And contribute to the world in a way that only you uniquely can.  Through our partnership, I will help you:

  • Identify your values and vision for your life and career

  • Discover and unlock the power of your strengths

  • Explore tools to manage any growth opportunities, limiting beliefs, or obstacles you may face

  • Make choices that are aligned with your vision, value and purpose

  • Take steps that move you closer to your goals and dreams


As we explore these areas, I’ll bring my real-world work experience as a leader, colleague, service provider, client, volunteer, parent, partner, friend and family member.  Like you, I have faced many inflection points, and can understand the excitement and fear that comes from making changes.  I will bring empathy, accountability and commitment (along with a good dose of laughter) to our partnership to enable your success.


Included in 1:1 coaching are the following services:


Building the foundation:

  • Foundation Package: A series of thoughtful inquiries for you to explore where you are, where you want to be, and what might get in the way of achieving your vision

  • Foundation Session: In our initial 90-minute session, we’ll dive deep to create our shared alliance, expectations for working together, and we will begin to identify your strengths and areas of growth

  • Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)™ Assessment: The LCP tool is best-in-class, and will empower you with clear cut insights into your leadership strengths and development opportunities. Driven by an exhaustive database of over 4 million assessments, the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° assessment is a data-driven model for leadership development, trusted by the most influential companies in the world.

  • Development plan: Using insights from the Foundation Session and the Leadership Circle Profile™, we will create a customized and unique development plan that will shape the focus of our work together.

Facilitate growth and forward progress:

  • Coaching Sessions: We will meet every two weeks for an hour over Zoom (or, if preferable and possible, in person).

  • Inquiries, assignments and reading.  We will augment our sessions with practical resources, techniques to try, and reflections for greater learning.

  • Ongoing email and text support.  I will be available to you by email or text in between our sessions.


All partnerships are for a minimum of 6 months, but it is not uncommon for clients to extend past that initial timeline.


If you think coaching is right for you, please contact me.
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